Our Vision:

Deepath Medical Diagnostics, Inc. is a laboratory diagnostics venture employing novel technologies for detection and characterization of rare hematologic cells (various stem cells and immune cell types) in stem cell cancers, allergic disorders, and autoimmune diseases.


The SCALPEL cell-based test is a highly informative assay based on single cell profiling of oncogenic signaling characteristics. Pertinent features of therapy-resistant cells and activated immune cell types provides information that can guide treatment decisions. The test is designed to analyze the functional cellular ecosystem through detection of activated cell types. The Eyelis analytics aim to support high dimensional data analysis and visualization in order to derive cell-specific protein expression profiles.

In acute and chronic leukemia, the test can more accurately identify and characterize the signaling aberrations in post-therapy residual leukemic progenitors. In allergic conditions, the phenotypic profile of activated basophils can predict the severity of symptoms. Predictive models will be derived from targeted protein and gene expression analysis.

~Jitakshi De, CEO