A Paradigm Shift in Cytometry:

Our technologies aim to characterize abnormal cell types through signaling pathway analysis performed by high parameter cell-based assays. The SCALPEL assay employs novel flow cytometry-based methods for identification of specific immune cell types of predictive relevance in various disease states. Eyelis-based data analysis and visualization are designed to detect and analyze rare cell types in blood.  In essence, we do the following:

A.  Identify phenotypic characteristics in relevant cell types by analyzing cell signaling patterns and activation profile through SCALPEL-based high parameter cytometry.

B.  Compare the cell types for biologic features such as expression of proliferative and immune response proteins. Based on the analysis of cell-based protein biomarkers, better understand the pathologic condition and predict treatment response.


C.  Apply the results of the novel assay and analytics to better guide treatment.


Our goal is to convey our science and technology, and current applications for more precise cell-based diagnostics in hematology and immunologic disorders.